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H.Res. 92: Condemning North Korea’s development of multiple intercontinental ballistic missiles, and for other purposes.

This was a vote to agree to H.Res. 92 in the House. This vote was taken under a House procedure called “suspension of the rules” which is typically used to pass non-controversial bills. Votes under suspension require a 2/3rds majority. A failed vote under suspension can be taken again.

H.Res. 92 condemns North Korea’s development of multiple intercontinental ballistic missiles and welcomes the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in South Korea. In addition, the resolution urges China to cease its economic coercion of South Korea in retaliation of deploying THAAD and calls on the U.S. to fully enforce all existing economic sanctions on North Korea.

Source: Republican Policy Committee

115th Congress
Apr 3, 2017
On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Agree, as Amended in the House

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Totals     Republican     Democrat
  Yea 398
219 179
  Nay 3
3 0
Not Voting 28
14 14
Required: 2/3 source:

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