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H.R. 974: BRAVE Act

This was a vote to pass H.R. 974 in the House. This vote was taken under a House procedure called “suspension of the rules” which is typically used to pass non-controversial bills. Votes under suspension require a 2/3rds majority. A failed vote under suspension can be taken again.

H.R. 974 would allow the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, when awarding procurement contracts for good or services, to give preference to government contractors that employ veterans on a full-time basis. The Secretary is required to determine the preference based on the percentage of full-time employees of the offeror who are veterans.

The bill would allow the Secretary to debar contractors who purposely misrepresent their employment of veterans to receive a contract. If the Secretary carries out a debarment, it would be required to begin no later than 30 days, and conclude no later than 90 days, after the Secretary determines that the offeror willfully and intentionally misrepresented the veteran status of its employees. The debarment would be in force for a period of not less than five years.

Source: Republican Policy Committee

115th Congress
Feb 13, 2017
On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass in the House

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Totals     Republican     Democrat
  Yea 407
227 180
  Nay 0
0 0
Not Voting 24
11 13
Required: 2/3 source:

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