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Motion to Proceed on H.R. 1628: American Health Care Act of 2017

Jul 25, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

This was the first Senate vote on repealing or replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA; aka Obamacare). This was a procedural vote to bring the House health care bill H.R. 1628 to the floor for debate so that amendments could be subsequently proposed.

The vote passed 51-50 with the Vice President casting a necessary tie-breaking vote.

This vote was related to a bill introduced by Rep. Diane Black [R-TN6, 2011-2018] on March 20, 2017, H.R. 1628: American Health Care Act of 2017.


All Votes R D I VP
Yea 50%
Nay 50%

Motion to Proceed Agreed to. Simple Majority Required. The Vice President cast a tie-breaking vote. Source:

The Yea votes represented 45% of the country’s population by apportioning each state’s population to its voting senators.

Ideology Vote Chart

Key: R Yea R Nay D Nay
Seat position based on our ideology score.

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Notes: The Vice President’s Tie-Breaker “Aye” or “Yea”?
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