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On the Motion (Motion to Waive All Applicable Budgetary Discipline Re: Heller Amdt. No. 288)

This was a vote on an amendment expressing the “sense of the Senate” that Medicaid benefits should not be cut but that the Affordable Care Act should be repealed and replaced. The amendment violated the Byrd Rule, which you can read more about here, because it made no budgetary changes. This was a vote to waive that violation and pass the amendment anyway.

“Sense of the Senate” means that the amendment would be legally non-binding and would only be meant to declare a majority opinion of the Senate. Provisions such as this one are often included to express the intention of a piece of legislation.

This vote was related to amendment S.Amdt. 288 (115th) (Dean Heller) to H.R. 1628 (115th). The title of the amendment is S.Amdt. 288 (Heller) to H.R. 1628: To express the sense of the Senate that Medicaid expansion is a priority and that Obamacare must be improved..


All Votes R D I
Yea 10%
Nay 90%

Motion Rejected. 3/5 Required. Jul 26, 2017 at 6:42 p.m. ET. Source:

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