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On the Motion (Motion to Waive All Applicable Budgetary Discipline Re: Strange Amdt. No. 389)

This motion related to an amendment which appears to have been intended to route BRCA funds through the CHIP program which would then have made it possible to apply abortion restrictions by way of the Hyde Amendment. Business Insider describes it as “an amendment that would change the stability funding in the Better Care Reconciliation Act to provide more premium assistance for low-income individuals” without reference to its potential effect on abortion restrictions. Regardless, the motion itself would have needed 60 votes to pass and it only received 50. Therefore, the amendment is no longer in play.

This vote was related to amendment S.Amdt. 389 (Luther Strange) to H.R. 1628. The title of the amendment is S.Amdt. 389 (Strange) to H.R. 1628: To provide for premium assistance for low-income individuals..

115th Congress
Jul 27, 2017
Motion Rejected

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