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H.R. 1997: Ukraine Cybersecurity Cooperation Act of 2017
On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass, as Amended in the House

This was a vote to pass H.R. 1997 in the House. This vote was taken under a House procedure called “suspension of the rules” which is typically used to pass non-controversial bills. Votes under suspension require a 2/3rds majority. A failed vote under suspension can be taken again.

H.R. 1997 encourages the Secretary of State to bolster cybersecurity cooperation with Ukraine and requires a report to Congress on U.S. and NATO efforts toward that goal. Specifically, the bill expresses the sense of Congress that the State Department should take the following actions, commensurate with U.S. interests, to help Ukraine improve its cybersecurity: (1) provide Ukraine necessary support to secure government computer networks from malicious cyber intrusions, particularly systems that defend Ukraine’s critical infrastructure; (2) provide Ukraine support to reduce reliance on Russian information and communications technology; and (3) assist Ukraine to build capacity, expand cybersecurity information sharing, and cooperate in international response efforts.

Before the 2014 Presidential election in Ukraine, hackers targeted the country’s voting infrastructure. Additionally in December 2015, malicious cyber intrusion into Ukrainian electric power companies resulted in widespread power outages. As a result, the United States sent interagency teams to Ukraine to examine infrastructure safety and help with investigation. Additional visits occurred in March and May of 2016. In September 2017, the United States and Ukraine conducted the first United States-Ukraine Cyber Dialogue in Kyiv, during which both sides affirmed their commitment to an internet that is open, interoperable, reliable and secure and the U.S. announced new cyber assistance to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to prevent, mitigate, and respond to cyber attacks.

Source: Republican Policy Committee


All Votes R D
Aye 94%
No 1%
Not Voting 5%

Passed. 2/3 Required. Feb 7, 2018 at 7:16 p.m. ET. Source:

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