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Other Websites Reusing GovTrack Data

GovTrack isn’t just a website. It’s a reusable database of congressional information put out there for anyone to build new tools out of. We support open knowledge to the limit.

Who’s using our data and API?

Here’s a list of some of the websites and apps using our data or API:

Previously Used Our Data

These apps began by using our data, and later transitioned to using the data developed in the github:unitedstates/congress community project.

Archived List

Sites no longer operating:

  • National Journal: Committee Chairmen: An interactive game where you can play musical chairs with the committee leadership of the incoming 111th Congress.
  • Govit: Citizens vote on bills. (2010)
  • Laws I Like: Vote on bills and post your votes to your profile. (2009)
  • RepresentedBy: Post your representatives to your profile and keep up with what they're doing. (2009)
  • WeTheCandidates (2010)
  • NewBallot: You vote on the same laws Congress is voting on. Every week your representative gets a report on how their constituency wants them to vote. (2010)
  • Another GovTrack clone with some additional information. (2009)
  • CongressDB: Analysis of voting records.
  • (2010)
  • Citizen Binder (2010)