Press Clippings

Here are articles on GovTrack in the press, mentions of GovTrack in articles about government transparency, academic articles using GovTrack data, and other reviews and related press releases.

6/12/2017 The Olympian: House's COVFEFE Act has a silly name, but it would significantly impact Trump
6/12/2017 The Washington Post: Trump says he has done more by this point than anybody since FDR. Sort of.
6/12/2017 NBC News: Fact Check: Trump Says He Passed More Bills Than Most Presidents
5/12/2017 Quarts: A moderate Republican’s savaging by voters shows why Democrats think they can take back Congress
5/10/2017 The Washington Post: ‘I didn’t come here to defend the president tonight.’ Republican who rescued health-care bill faces voters.
4/29/2017 Business Insider: TRUMP'S FIRST 100 DAYS: Here's how they compare with Obama's, Bush's, and Clinton's
4/27/2017 The Washington Post: Bailouts are back — as a political insult, at least
4/27/2017 Politifact: Trump has signed more bills in 100 days than any president since Truman, Spicer says
4/27/2017 NPR: White House Touts 'Historic' 28 Laws Signed By Trump, But What Are They?
4/12/2017 Democrat and Chronicle: Gillibrand leads in “no” votes against Trump’s nominees
4/3/2017 Wired: What Does Congress Care About? Check Their Browsing Histories
3/28/2017 Quartz: How the Senate “nuked” American bipartisanship
2/8/2017 The New York Times: A Low-Tech Guide to Becoming More Politically Active
1/19/2017 Presidential candidates missed the most votes in Congress last year
1/15/2017 USAToday: Confirm Sen. Sessions: Opposing view
12/7/2016 Provides Fact-Based Information on the Latest Legislation That’s Free from Outside Financial Influence
11/3/2016 The Washington Post: Behold, a bipartisan congressman (endorsement of Rep. John Delaney (D-MD))
11/2/2016 Action News JAX: Florida Rep. Ted Yoho campaign mailer gets facts wrong
10/31/2016 CIOReview: APIs: Changing the way how data gets integrated
10/24/2016 Politifact: Half True: Clinton says she sponsored 400 bills, worked with GOP
10/12/2016 NBC2: Truth Test: 'Fabulously phony failure' attack ad on Patrick Murphy
9/11/2016 Daily Herald: 3 lawmakers want to kill the interview question we all hate: salary history
9/11/2016 Salon: Not all of 2016’s political surprises are bad: A bipartisan campaign finance reform bill shows promise
9/9/2016 PolitiFact Florida: Ad attacking Patrick Murphy as among 'least effective' in Congress misses the mark
9/2/2016 PolitiFact Florida: Mostly True: Marco Rubio has worst voting record of any Florida senator in nearly 50 years
8/17/2016 TechCrunch: Why tech companies are making Election Day a holiday
8/16/2016 San Francisco Chronicle: Sanchez ranks at top for missed votes, flails in Senate race
8/15/2016 The Washington Times: Vice presidential candidates rank as polar opposites on conservative scale
7/20/2016 ZDNet: Congress' website was down for three days
6/28/2016 The Washington Post (The Fix): Harlem is about to elect its third congressman since the Roosevelt administration
6/16/2016 The Washington Post: Do your Congress members support stricter gun control?
5/31/2016 RT: Slush funds, secrets and splurges: How Pentagon budgets keep getting bigger
4/28/2016 Chicago magazine: Should Chicagoans Have Known Rahm Emanuel Wouldn’t Be a Progressive Mayor?
4/6/2016 DC: OpenGov Foundation to recognize members of Congress working to keep government open
4/3/2016 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Congressional Fundraising
3/24/2016 Politifact: Bernie Sanders was the roll call amendment king from 1995 to 2007
3/16/2016 The New York Times: The Candidates and the Constitution
3/8/2016 Politifact: Right to Rise correct on comparison between 'worst attendance records' of Marco Rubio, Barack Obama
3/8/2016 AP: Donald Trump Overstates Rubio's Absenteeism in Senate
3/4/2016 CNN: CNN's Reality Check Team inspects the claims at Republican debate
3/3/2016 Politifact: Donald Trump is right: Marco Rubio has worst Senate voting record
2/29/2016 FedScoop: GPO, Library of Congress releases bill statuses in XML format
2/3/2016 Clinton’s Bipartisan Bluster
1/3/2016 Glen Falls Post-Star: EDITORIAL: Defining Elise Stefanik
12/15/2015 Public Administration Times: Outsourcing Oversight through Open Government Data
11/1/2015 Politifact: PunditFact: Fact-checking the Nov. 1 news shows
10/29/2015 CNN: Marco Rubio: I hate idea of Clinton White House more than missing votes
10/12/2015 The New Yorker: The Populist Prophet: Bernie Sanders has spent decades attacking inequality. Now the country is listening.
9/30/2015 Vocativ: Marco Rubio's Voting Record Is Getting Even Worse
9/29/2015 Forbes: John Boehner And The Future Of The Republican Party
8/30/2015 Digital Journal: Interview: How civic hackers find creative solutions to problems
8/23/2015 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: LGBT Discrimination
8/9/2015 The Washington Post (The Fix): Which 2016 candidate was the most effective legislator?
8/6/2015 Kickstarter: Projects We Love
8/1/2015 Techdirt: Awesome Stuff: Making GovTrack Even More Awesome
7/16/2015 McClatchy DC: Moderate Marco? Not quite, but Rubio has history of bipartisanship
7/14/2015 Politifact Florida: Alan Grayson says he passed more bills and amendments than any other current member
7/10/2015 VTDigge: Bernie Sanders: Slightly less present than the average senator
6/17/2015 WFTV 9: 9 Investigates: Rubio's presidential campaign keeps him from key votes
5/1/2015 Nextgov: Senators beg techies to bring Congress into 21st Century
4/24/2015 CBS News: Are GOP senators running for president shirking their day jobs?
4/12/2015 The Hill: '16 hopefuls rack up Senate absences
3/2/2015 The Washington Post (The Fix): America’s longest-serving female member of Congress is retiring. She may not hold that record for long.
2/28/2015 The Chicago Tribune: Rep. Aaron Schock's wide travels raise questions
2/25/2015 The Washington Post (The Fix): Ted Strickland plans a bid to be the 11th oldest new senator ever
2/23/2015 The Washington Post (The Fix): The last time Chuck Grassley missed a vote in the Senate, Bill Clinton had been president for six months
2/23/2015 FiveThirtyEight: Comparing Obama’s Veto Rate To Other Recent Presidents’
2/22/2015 Rob Portman's record in the Senate: breaking it down
2/17/2015 Vocativ: Who’s The Biggest No-Show In Congress? (picked up in Politico, The Washington Post, and Miami Herland)
2/11/2015 Vocativ: Which Senator Votes No More Than Anyone Else On The Floor?
2/8/2015 Globe Gazette: Bills piling up: Tracking Iowa’s federal legislators
12/23/2014 National Journal: No, the 113th Congress Wasn't the Least Productive Ever, by Daniel Newhaser.
12/19/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): The did-something Congress: A flurry of bills passed in the final days. Here are the highlights, by Ed O'Keefe.
12/17/2014 The Washington Post: Was the lame duck session reason for hope or preview of horrors to come?, by Paul Kane.
12/15/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): The 113th Congress reaches new lows. In everything., by Philip Bump.
12/15/2014 USA Today OnPolitics: Gallup: Job approval for Congress near bottom for 2014, by Catalina Camia.
12/11/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): John Dingell has served with one-quarter of all members of the House in history, by Philip Bump.
12/10/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): No year saw more people leave Congress for good than 1933, by Philip Bump.
11/20/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): Jim Webb’s potential 2016 candidacy won’t keep Hillary up at night, by Philip Bump.
11/7/2014 Boehner’s ‘Bipartisan’ Bunk, by Eugene Kiely.
11/7/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): Are 300 House bills really bottled up in the Senate?, by Glenn Kessler.
11/4/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): When each generation arrived on Capitol Hill, by Philip Bump.
10/12/2014 New York Daily News: Rep. Carolyn Maloney sponsors the most bills, by Dan Friedman.
10/7/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): Why losing the Senate could help make President Obama’s last two years more productive, by Philip Bump
8/21/2014 Alaska Dispatch News: Claim Check: Americans for Prosperity accuses Begich of missing votes, by Nathaniel Herz
8/14/2014 Fox Business: How About Pay…for NO Performance?, by Neil Cavuto
8/13/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): No Congress in four decades has been paid more to do less than this one, by Philip Bump
8/12/2014 Springfield News-Leader: Billy Long's bill a symptom, symbol of gridlock, by Deirdre Shesgreen
8/8/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): Yes, the Senate is ignoring hundreds of bills passed by the GOP House. But it’s always that way. by Philip Bump.
8/1/2014 The Hill: Congress jets to five-week recess, by Peter Sullivan.
7/31/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): The lobbying industry is back! But don’t expect more action on Capitol Hill., by Philip Bump
7/9/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): The 113th Congress is historically good at not passing bills, by Philip Bump.
5/31/2014 Chicago Tribune/Blue Sky: Data opening the door to innovation, by Rich Cooper.
5/17/2014 The Washington Post (Blogs): Here’s yet another way of looking at how unproductive Congress is, by Philip Bump.
5/13/2014 The Baltimore Sun: Trying (and failing) to grind out sympathy for Cardin's issues, by Dan Rodricks.
5/10/2014 Florida Today: Rubio’s attendance record among the lowest, by Ledyard King.
5/7/2014 National Journal: The Best and Worst Attendance Records in the Senate, by Emma Roller and Stephanie Stamm.
5/5/2014 National Journal: So You Want to Be a Senator, Huh?, by Michael Catalini.
5/5/2014 FiveThirtyEight: The Age of Tea Party Members in Congress, by Dhrumil Mehta.
4/28/2014 FiveThirtyEight: Both Republicans And Democrats Have an Age Problem, by Nate Silver and Dhrumil Mehta.
4/26/2014 The Washington Post: House Republicans more active on Twitter than Democrats, by Christopher Ingraham.
4/1/2014 The Washington Post: Interactive map: the oldest and youngest Congressional delegations,by Christopher Ingraham.
2/4/2014 The Washington Post: Andrews proposed 646 bills, passed 0: Worst record of past 20 years, by David Fahrenthold.
1/20/2014 Wyoming Public Media: Congressional report card shows Wyo's lawmakers most conservative, by Melodie Edwards.
1/9/2014 Politico: Report: David Vitter, Alan Grayson introduce most bills, by Tal Kopan.
1/5/2014 The Washington Post: In Congress, 2014 begins with shrunken ambitions, by Paul Kane.
12/26/2013 The Week: Confirmed: This is the worst Congress ever, by Jon Terbush.
12/19/2013 Bloomberg Businessweek: 113th Congress: Many Bills, Few Laws, by Dorothy Gambrell.
12/18/2013 AlJazeera America: Congress passes budget deal, but cuts will sting for some, by Naureen Khan.
12/7/2013 The Economist: United States of Amoeba [video].
11/17/2013 Forbes: U.S. Senate More Divided Than Ever Data Shows, by Erica Swallow.
11/14/2013 PolicyMic: What's Wrong With the Senate, in One Simple GIF , by Sean Becker.
11/13/2013 HuffPost Politics: Here's A Dramatic Reminder Of Just How Partisan The Senate Has Become, by Ethan Klapper.
11/13/2013 Yahoo! News: The splitting of the Senate (now in convenient GIF form), by Mike Krumboltz
10/30/2013 Reuters: US House votes to tweak Dodd-Frank in bank victory, by Douwe Miedema and Emily Stephenson
10/16/2013 The Washington Post: Votes to end the government shutdown
9/5/2013 The Rachel Maddow Show: September 5, 2013 episode. (At 9:00).
8/27/2013 The Pennsylvania Gazette: Civic Hacker: Josh Tauberer, by Alyson Krueger.
8/2/2013 The McLaughlin Group: Aug 2, 2013 episode. (At 22:20.)
7/30/2013 techPresident: House Publishes U.S. Code in XML, by Miranda Neubauer.
7/25/2013 Patch: Congress On Pace to Enact Fewest Bills Ever -- How Do SC Pols Rate?, by Shawn Drury.
7/18/2013 The New Republic: Pelosi's Secret Women's Issue: Minimum Wage, by Nora Caplan-Bricker.
7/10/2013 The Atlantic Wire: You Only Have Yourself to Blame for Congress' Ineptitude, by Philip Bump.
7/8/2013 Huffington Post: 113th Congress On Pace To Be Least Productive In Modern History, by Amanda Terkel
6/13/2013 AARP Blog: What’s Congress Up To? How You Can Find Out, by Tamara Lytle
6/7/2013 IVN: Top 5 National Groups Advancing Transparency on Twitter, by Jane Susskind
5/27/2013 OECD Working Papers on Public Governance: Open Government Data: Towards Empirical Analysis of Open Government Data Initiatives, by Barbara Ubaldi
5/17/2013 US News and World Report: GOP Lawmakers Raked in Donations for the Obamacare Repeal Vote, by Elizabeth Flock
4/24/2013 US News and World Report: Four-Term Congressman Introduces Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits, by Elizabeth Flock.
4/8/2013 The Atlantic Wire: Who Will Win on Senate Background Checks: The NRA or the Middle?, by Philip Bump.
3/30/2013 The Times of Israel: For GOP rising star, Israel and US are ‘in it together’, by Haviv Rettig Gur.
3/22/2013 The Washington Post’s The Fix: The Senate as Facebook, by Chris Cillizza.
3/18/2013 Yahoo! News: What does the Senate have in common with single-celled organisms? This diagram., by Chris Wilson.
3/7/2013 The Atlantic: How Groups Like the NRA Captured Congress—and How to Take It Back, by Lorelei Kelly.
2/27/2013 Forbes: House Republicans Take First Stab At Killing Off The Tax Code, by Tony Nitti.
1/10/2013 O’Reilly Radar Tumblr: Open data of U.S. House legislation now available in bulk format, by Alex Howard.
1/10/2013 techPresident: House Republicans Release More Data Catnip for Developers, by Nick Judd.
12/6/2012 O’Reilly Radar: The United States (Code) is on Github, by Alex Howard.
10/23/2012 Daily Tekk: Vote Smarter: 28 Resources for Election 2012.
10/8/2012 Forbes: Tech To Keep You Up On Politics, by Samantha Smith.
9/19/2012 techPresident: What Means for a Congressional API, by Nick Judd and Miranda Neubauer.
9/5/2012 OR: Congressional delegates show strong voting records despite distance, by Shelby Sebens.
8/29/2012 InfoCommerce Group: Models Of Excellence: Innovation Around Content and Data.
8/29/2012 JewishJournal: Berman versus Sherman, by the numbers, by Bill Boyarsky.
8/23/2012 MO: Akin missed 85 percent of House votes this quarter, by Johnny Kampis.
8/23/2012 Bloomberg: Ryan’s Bipartisanship Record Shows More Civility Than Compromise, by Elizabeth Dwoskin.
8/21/2012 The Washington Post: Dennis Cardoza leaves Calif. constituents in the lurch, by WaPo Editorial Board.
8/19/2012 Powell, Eleanor Neff. 2012. Dollars to Votes: The Infuence of Fundraising in Congress.
8/13/2012 The Washington Post: Paul Ryan, Republican vice presidential candidate, has a complicated record with little compromise, by David A. Fahrenthold.
7/30/2012 PolitiFact Florida: Connie Mack says Bill Nelson missed 56 percent of his votes -- in 1990.
7/13/2012 techPresident: The Case for Political Software as a Commodity, Not a Weapon, by Sarah Lai Stirland.
7/6/2012 The Washington Examiner: Examiner publishes complete list of tariff break requests, by Jennifer Peebles.
6/24/2012 The Washington Post: Lawmakers trade in stocks they can impact.
6/12/2012 Government Technology: Low-Tech Phone Service Connects Citizens to Congressional Info, by Sarah Rich.
(Call on Congress and Scout both use GovTrack’s database of federal legislation.)
6/8/2012 The Washington Post: Congressional data may soon be easier to use online, by David A. Fahrenthold.
6/1/2012 techPresident: For Transparency Advocates, the Honeymoon with House Republicans May Be Over, by Nick Judd.
June 2012 Communications of the ACM: Data Mining Meets City Hall, by Leah Hoffmann.
5/30/2012 techPresident: Transparency Advocates Frustrated With House Appropriators' Plan To Make A Plan , by Sarah Lai Stirland.
4/10/2012 Federal Computer Week: Transparency groups say THOMAS legislative website is outdated, by Alice Lipowicz.
3/29/2012 KSFX/KOLR News (Springfield, MO): (Local News Broadcast)
3/22/2012 WYFF4 News (Greenville, SC): Are Politicians Really Trying To Create Jobs?
3/15/2012 The Atlantic: An Election 2012 Surprise: California May Matter Most, by Conor Friedersdorf.
2/29/2012 Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Lugar, Donnelly similar in voting, by Brian Francisco.
1/17/2012 Chicago Tribune: Rush, Gutierrez rank high in missed votes, by Katherine Skiba.
6/2011 Gerrish and Blei. 2011. Predicting Legislative Roll Calls from Text. Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Machine Learning, Bellevue, WA, USA, 2011.
6/13/2011 NewsMax: Weinergate Distracts Media From Real Issues, by Judith Miller.
12/27/2010 ReadWriteWeb: Data Hacker Pageranks Members of the US Congress, by Marshall Kirkpatrick.
5/23/2010 Open Society Institute: Open Data Study.
12/2/2009 The American: Opening a Can of Worms: Government and Climate Change Data, by James V. Delong. (It refers to my monograph Open Data Is Civic Capital.)
10/19/2009 Columbia Journalism Review: The Reconstruction of American Journalism (CJR), by Leonard Downie, Jr., The Washington Post and Arizona State University, and Michael Schudson, Columbia University.
9/28/2009 LA Times: These crusaders bring transparency to government, by Michael Hiltzik
9/9/2009 Orlando Sentinel: Alan Grayson: Is he one of Congress' top "leaders"?. Debate on the leader-follower score.
8/26/2009 Government Computer News: Apps for America 2 finalists announced, by Joab Jackson.
6/1/2009 Government Computer News: Ready for reuse? by Joab Jackson.
5/11/2009 Columbia Journalism Review: Senate goes XML, by Clint Hendler
5/6/2009 Politico: Senate picks up the slack on data, by Victoria McGrane. (Again, no mention of GovTrack, but I count this as a bit of a personal victory.)
5/4/2009 O'Reilly Broadcast: Visualizing the U.S. Senate Social Graph, 1991 - 2009 [Part 1], by Andrew Odewahn.
5/1/2009 Politico: Group wants Senate to get 'techy', by Victoria McGrane. (It doesn't mention GovTrack, but I was involved behind the scenes.)
5/9/2009 Online democracy, by Alexandra de Scheel
4/30/2009 Government Computer News: Remixing government data by Joab Jackson.
4/27/2009 Politico: Online voting records user unfriendly, by Victoria McGrane
3/5/2009 Mother Jones: Congressional Data Mining: Coming Soon?, by Jonathan Stein
3/3/2009 TechNewsWorld: How to Use the Web to Track Government Goings-On, by Erika Morphy.
2/28/2009 Newsweek: The People's Data: Government should make data openly available and then let outside talent reimagine how it can be used online, by Christopher Werth.
1/10/2009 Miller-McCune: Deep Throat Meets Data Mining: In the nick of time, the digital revolution comes to democracy's rescue. And, perhaps, journalism's, by John Mecklin.
1/2009 The Atlantic: iGov: How geeks are opening up government on the Web, by Douglas McGray.
2009 Kinnaird, Rouzati, and Sun. Connect 2 congress. In IEEE Information Visualization Poster Extended Abstracts, Atlantic City, 2009.
7/24/2008 GovTrack opens up information on US legislature, by Tina Gasperson.
7/21/2008 IT Conversations: Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
7/16/2008 Princeton Alumni Weekly: Data Crusader: Josh Tauberer '04 is someone a policy wonk could love, by Brett Tomlinson.
7/3/2008 The Semantic Web and The Democratic Tradition, by Jennifer Zaino
7/3/2008 ZDNet: Seven Tech ways to make America better this July 4, by Mitch Ratcliffe
6/30/2008 TIME: The Citizen Watchdogs of Web 2.0, by Jeremy Caplan
6/3/2008 Ars Technica: Study: .gov web sites should focus on RSS, XML—not redesigns, by Timothy B. Lee
6/2008 Robinson, David, Yu, Harlan, Zeller, William P and Felten, Edward W, "Government Data and the Invisible Hand" (2008). Yale Journal of Law & Technology, Vol. 11, 2008
1/23/2008 National Journal/GovExec: Lawmakers favor outside access to legislative data, by Aliya Sternstein.
8/9/2007 Sunlight Foundation: Insanely Useful Websites (by John Wonderlich and Paul Blumenthal, with an audio-intro by GovTrack's Josh Tauberer)
3/2007 Searcher: Mashups, Blogs, Wikis Go Federal (subscribers only), by Laura Gordon-Murnane.
2/13/2007 The American (online): Legislators Should Live in a Glass House (by GovTrack's creator Josh Tauberer)
2/9/2007 Sunlight Foundation Announces Open House Project
7/2006 Thomas, Pang, and Lee. 2006. Get out the vote: determining support or opposition from congressional floor-debate transcripts. Proceedings of the 2006 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing.
5/9/2006 Webby Award 2006 Nominee - Politics
5/6/2006 Voice of America: Our World: Web Site of the Week
4/3/2006 The Daily Pennsylvanian: Grad student's site helps track new laws, by Katie Vasserman.
3/1/2006 The Washington Post: Think Your Lawmakers Don't Read Bills? Do It Yourself, by Zachary A. Goldfarb.
2/21/2005 Accounting Today: "Government Resources"
3/3/2005 The Daily Princetonian: Tauberer '04 takes Govtrack to Capitol Hill, by Kavita Saini.
2/8/2005 BusinessWeek Online: All Your Info in One Place, by Olga Kharif.
1/27/2005 The New York Times: How Did They Vote? Updates by E-Mail of Congressional Ayes and Nays, by Daniel Terdiman.
1/13/2005 The Guardian (London): "Life: online: Blog Watch: Bill of progress"