HB1050. Veteran's property tax deduction.

Indiana General Assembly. 2013 Regular Session. House of Representatives.

Jan 7, 2013
Last Action:
Jan 7, 2013
Representatives Frye and Kirchhofer removed as coauthors

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Jan 7, 2013: Authored by Representative Klinker

Jan 7, 2013: Coauthored by Representatives Frye, Moseley and Kirchhofer

Jan 7, 2013: First reading: referred to Committee on Ways and Means

Jan 7, 2013: Representatives Frye and Kirchhofer removed as coauthors


Provides that after the 2013 assessment dates, the assessed value of an individual's tangible property may not be considered when determining whether the individual is eligible for the property tax deduction for: (1) totally disabled veterans; or (2) veterans who are at least 62 years of age and have a disability of at least 10%.