HB1344. Motor vehicles; revise laws regarding scrapping or dismantling of.

Mississippi Legislature. 2013 Regular Session. House of Representatives.

Jan 21, 2013
Last Action:
Apr 26, 2013
Approved by Governor

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Jan 21, 2013: Referred To Transportation

Feb 5, 2013: Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub

Feb 13, 2013: Committee Substitute Adopted

Feb 13, 2013: Passed

Feb 15, 2013: Transmitted To Senate

Feb 19, 2013: Referred To Highways and Transportation;Finance

Feb 28, 2013: DR - TSDPAA: HI To FI

Mar 5, 2013: Title Suff Do Pass As Amended

Mar 7, 2013: Amended

Mar 7, 2013: Passed As Amended

Mar 8, 2013: Motion to Reconsider Entered

Mar 14, 2013: Motion to Reconsider Tabled

Mar 14, 2013: Returned For Concurrence

Mar 19, 2013: Decline to Concur/Invite Conf

Mar 25, 2013: Conferees Named Johnson,Massengill,DeLano

Mar 29, 2013: Conferees Named Simmons (13th),Fillingane,Butler (38th)

Mar 30, 2013: Conference Report Filed

Mar 30, 2013: Conference Report Filed

Apr 1, 2013: Conference Report Adopted

Apr 2, 2013: Conference Report Adopted

Apr 9, 2013: Enrolled Bill Signed

Apr 9, 2013: Enrolled Bill Signed

Apr 9, 2013: Due From Governor 04/26/13

Apr 26, 2013: Approved by Governor


An Act To Amend Section 63-21-39, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Revise The Provisions Of The Affidavit Form Required To Be Filed With The Department Of Revenue When Cancelling A Certificate Of Title For Scrap Motor Vehicles When The Certificate Of Title Is Not Available; To Require That Within Two Business Days Of Each Day's Close Of Business, The Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer Or Scrap Metal Processor Who Purchases Or Receives Motor Vehicles For Scrap Or For Parts Shall Deliver In A Format Approved By The Department A List Of All Such Vehicles Purchased That Day For Scrap Or For Parts; To Revise The Definition Of "motor Vehicle" For The Purposes Of This Act; To Provide That When A Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer Or Scrap Metal Processor Purchases Or Receives A Crushed Or Flattened Vehicle, That Dealer Or Processor Must Verify That The Seller Has Reported The Vehicle As Required By This Act; To Make It A Criminal Offense To Knowingly Falsify Any Information On The Affidavit Form Provided By This Act; To Authorize The Department Of Public Safety To Charge A Fee For Any Vehicle Identification Number Verification Required By Federal Law Or Regulation On A Vehicle With A Salvage Certificate Of Title For Which A Person Applies For A Clear Title Or Branded Title; To Authorize The Seizure And Forfeiture Of Any Motor Vehicle, Trailer Or Similar Conveyance Used To Transport Another Motor Vehicle Or Crushed Motor Vehicle Sold In Violation Of This Section; And For Related Purposes.