S0636. Oconee County New Hope precinct

South Carolina Legislature. 120th General Assembly. Senate.

Apr 18, 2013
Last Action:
Jun 18, 2013
Act No. 52

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Apr 18, 2013: Introduced and read first time

Apr 18, 2013: Referred to Committee on Judiciary

Apr 24, 2013: Recalled from Committee on Judiciary

Apr 25, 2013: Read second time

Apr 25, 2013: Roll call Ayes-43 Nays-0

Apr 30, 2013: Read third time and sent to House

Apr 30, 2013: Introduced and read first time

Apr 30, 2013: Referred to Oconee Delegation

May 15, 2013: Delegation report: Favorable Oconee Delegation

May 16, 2013: Read second time

May 16, 2013: Roll call Yeas-81 Nays-0

May 16, 2013: Unanimous consent for third reading on next legislative day

May 17, 2013: Read third time and enrolled

Jun 4, 2013: Ratified R 61

Jun 7, 2013: Signed By Governor

Jun 18, 2013: Effective date 06/07/13

Jun 18, 2013: Act No. 52


Add The "new Hope" Precinct, To Designate A Map Number On Which The Names Of These Precincts May Be Found And Maintained By The Office Of Research And Statistics Of The State Budget And Control Board, And To Correct Archaic Language